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Survey Says: Most Useful Baby Products

The Most Loved Baby Products, According To Real Mothers!

In 2018, the global revenue of the baby care products market is estimated to generate about 11.4 billion U.S. dollars. That’s a lot of money that parents, grandparents, and other caretakers are spending every year on products made specifically for such a tiny human.

As an expectant mother, I had no idea which baby products were must-haves for my registry and which were just frivolous buys. There are countless recommendations by experienced moms about which products to get, but for every positive review, there were just as many negative opinions. I knew there were certain items that I would not be able to know for sure if I needed until my baby arrived, but my nesting instinct was in high gear, and I wanted to prepare!

Survey Says

I imagined other pregnant women were probably having similar struggles, so I decided to try to quantify the information and opinions that were out there.

I created a survey in order to gather input and see what products the majority of moms loved and recommended. I omitted items that were no-brainers (diapers, bottles, onesies, etc.), and I tried include as many items as I could think of. I got responses from over 400 women!

The following graphs represent the opinions of women surveyed on each particular item listed.


Most of the women surveyed were either employed full-time or a stay at home mom. The majority of the children that these women had were between 0-2 years old.


Top 3: Crib, Baby Monitor, Dresser

Bottom 3: Crib Bumpers, Mobile, Mini-Crib


Top 3: Bottle Brush, High Chair, Sippy Cup

Bottom 3: Bottle Sterilizer, Bottle Warmer, Formula Dispenser

Keep in mind that most used items for this particular category can vary widely, depending on if mother is breastfeeding, pumping, formula feeding, or a combination of any of those.



Top 2: Sleep Sack, Swaddles

Bottom 2: Dockatot, Co-Sleeper


Top 3: Baby Shampoo, Washcloths

Bottom 3: Faucet Cover, Water Rinser/Pourer


Top 1: Diaper Cream

Bottom 1: Wipe Warmer


Top 2: Teether, Play Gym/Mat

Bottom 2: Sit Me Up Chair/Bumbo, Walker

This was the category that seemed to have the least consensus on various products.


Top 1: Bibs

Bottom 1: Shoes


Top 3: Nail Clippers, Nose Frida, Baby Lotion

Bottom 3: Baby Powder, Windi, Laundry Detergent


Top 3: Infant Car Seat, Stroller, Diaper Bag

Bottom 3: Seat Protector, Stroller Organizer, Car Seat Cover

Other Products

Participants also had the option of writing down products they loved that were not included in the survey. The most commonly mentioned products were:

Boppy Nursing Pillow/Infant Lounger| Books Haakaa | Lanolin | Sunscreen | Sun Hat | BabyBum Diaper Cream Brush | Snuza | Foam Floor Mat


If you are an expectant mother, overwhelmed by all the different opinions and recommendations being offered to you, I hope that this has been helpful. Of course, every baby is different, but I hope you can use this information as a guideline and check this off your long list of things to do before baby arrives.

Don’t worry, Mama. You got this!



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