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To create personal, graphic designs with your ideas...

9th Wave apparel is a retail company that works with clients, using a team of graphic designers to create custom apparel that captivates your fantasy into reality. Formed in 2016, the era of 9th Wave began with a passion for personal and fashionable apparel.

At 9th Wave you will find targeted, custom branding apparel orders designed by our team that our satisfied clients are using for their special event, function or occasion. Our products illustrate, captivate, and enhance the traditional experiences when working with designers.

Have a custom design in your head that you feel would make great apparel? We can help with that, as our personal graphic design team can help capture that perfect moment. The only question is... can you handle the wave?

Feel free to contact us using our contact page (give us some time to reply back to you; we value your questions, comments and concerns).

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