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9th Wave, LLC is a proud partner with The Introvert Love Podcast. A man’s perspective on relationships, dating, love, and more. I give honest answers with no filter. A closed mouth doesn’t get fed. Don’t be shy!




9th Wave, LLC. Is a proud partner with 9th Wave Entertainment.

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9th Wave Entertainment, LLC. Is an American independent multimedia entertainment company founded in 2017. The Company's businesses consist of music recording and music production, singing and songwriting, audio and visual entertainment. The Company's segments include Merchandising, Distribution, Promotional and Creative Writing Services.

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9th Wave, LLC is a proud partner with IntrovertDAME. Introvert Dame is an independent artist, rapper, singer, song writer, and producer committed to releasing and sharing music that resonates with fans while not compromising his unique style, delivery, and sound. Our videos display creativeness in graphic design, showcase artists talents, exploring genres that include Rap, R&B, Hip-Hop, EDM, & More.

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