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Visit 9th Wave Apparel Partnerships at to see who we have teamed up with to help promote and grow businesses and small businesses alike.


9th Wave, LLC is a proud partner with Suave Visions. Suave Vision Photography is a traveling photographer of sorts. Venture outside of yourself to share your story... your vision... your life. "Stay Smooth". Suave Visions provides quality, creative, and unique photos for our media content.



9th Wave, LLC. Is a proud partner with Hot & Sour Blog. Hot & Sour is a blog created by Katie about her Chinese-American family.



9th Wave, LLC. Is a proud partner with Sour Lemon Beats. Sour Lemon Beats is a music producing company based in Raleigh, NC. Sour Lemon Beats provides musical content for our materials.


Sour Lemon Beats | 9th Wave Apparel



9th Wave, LLC is a proud partner with S.T.S.S. - Simmons Temporary Staffing Solutions  S.T.S.S. is a temporary staffing agency located in Cary, NC and covers the triangle and more when it comes to providing coverage for facilities and practices, they provide great temp workers and great service. We provide S.T.S.S. with custom shirts, mugs and more for staff, company events, and functions.


S.T.S.S. Inc.

S.T.S.S - Simmons Temporary Staffing Solutions